2016 Tomie dePaola Award Honorable Mention!

Woohoo! I got an honorable mention in the 2016 Tomie dePaola Award through the SCBWI!! Check out the amazing winners and fellow honorable mentions at http://www.scbwi.org/2016-scbwi-tomie-depaola-winners/

Here’s my piece: Tomie DePaola Award 2015

More fun art to come. I’m a little unfocused today upon my return to illustrating post-holiday, and hijacked by the excitement of getting the honorable mention – and the personal note from Tomie that accompanied it. EEEK! It’s not like I grew up on his books or anything, or pored over his exquisite originals  in the Kerlan Collection while a student at the U of M. Not at all.

It is deeply affirming to have someone in the industry be like “Hey, you’re not wasting your time completely – here’s an honorable mention.” I’ve been referring to myself around the house as the honorable mention. Ha.

I’m also brainstorming my goals for my business for the coming year. I get so excited and write so much down and then get overwhelmed, because it’s hard to know where to start! Some of those goals/ideas include redeveloping my style to focus more on the line-work I love, revamping my color medium, adding cool products to my Etsy shop, approaching greeting card companies and educational publishers, exploring art fairs, etc. But what it all boils down to is, to quote the master Neil Gaiman, “Make Good Art.” Words to live by. Wish me luck!

Not to overload the bucket, but I also want to finish a polished young adult novel manuscript this year. (Rubs hands together maniacally)