What I’ve Been Working On June 2022 Edition

Gnome girl picks up slug laboriously Carmen Wood Illustration comic art graphic novel children's illustration illustrator fantasy art webcomic fantasy magic lbgtquia+ kidlit artist

Hi! It’s been a pandemic minute, huh?

What I’m up to:

I’m taking this magical graphic novel intensive course through Kids Comics Unite, taught by the incredible Rivkah LaFille and Janna Morishima. We started with Rivkah’s Craft focused portion and now we’re into Janna’s Business and Marketing focused portion, for almost five and a half months of content! It’s like taking the graphic novel bootcamp class of my dreams, and is so worth the investment.

The projects that are taking up space in my brain right now include a magical library middle grade story, an early middle grade gnome tale, and of course my beloved artistic playground, Mermaid Days (catch up on my webcomic here). I’ve workshopped and lingered on one specific page of Chapter 8 of Mermaid Days for literal months, and it will feel so good when I finally finish it up and get that chapter posted. Finishing projects – that’s the big hard goal!

The overarching goals driving me are to get a project ready to pitch to agents – script written, beautiful art samples ready, thumbnail samples, and a kicka$$ query letter. And in the meantime, find a satisfying bookish day job in my new state of CA, stay healthy, and keep learning and growing on my art, as always. Kind of a tall order!

Later, nerds



Mermaid Days Webcomic!

Heyo! Just dropping in here to keep my site active for SEO purposes lol. I’m excited to say I just published chapter FIVE of my webcomic! Can be viewed here: https://mermaiddayscomic.wordpress.com/

Mermaid Days Carmen Wood comic graphic novel webcomic mermaid art summer lake fantasy magic lgbtqia+ comic YA queer kidlit children’s illustration illustrator

The total webcomic is 12 chapters, so we’re creeping up on halfway through! I’m so proud of myself. It’s one thing to think about doing a project, and another to really commit and DO THE PROJECT. I guess for me it just comes down to: how do I want to use my life? How do I want to use, and in what direction do I want to build, my skills? And deciding not to wait for permission – not to wait for a traditional book deal, not to wait until my art abilities can make ‘perfect’ art.

I’m learning so much, too. About lighting a scene, where my weaknesses are (indoor group scenes, I’m looking at you!), how I’ll be more clear with my thumbnailing on the next project, how I want to go deeper with conversations and characters next time around. Art is like yoga or karate or personal finance (all things I enjoy and play with in my daily life) – a lifelong practice, with almost endless opportunities for learning. Luckily I like learning haha.

Ok, Carmen, signing off (tips hat)


Mermen in a glowing sea of jellyfish Carmen Wood Illustration art Minneapolis graphic novel children's book illustration kidlit art

Playing with process and coloring – this one was done following a process tutorial by Matt Rockefeller!