Playing with ProCreate!

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Trying to develop/branch out my digital art abilities! …using a pic from a recent vacation, sigh. Let’s go back:)


Trey Babcock

…has waited a long time to meet you.

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Blog Exclusive Mermaid Art


I’ve got to get back on my sketch blogging…I’m going to be stone-cold honest here, not because anyone except my sister looks at this, but because it helps my website’s SEO rankings. Oh god. And now what if a publisher looks at this and says, no way, this illustrator is too STONE COLD to be a cuddly picture book artist. Too…business minded. GROSS.

Welp, that’s me, so fuck off. HI BEEKS! ARE YOU STILL READING?

Here’s some art! In case you are actually not my sister, who has already seen this in person. Number 1 Fan privileges.


These are some arts I have made in preparation for the upcoming SCBWI Conference. The assignment was to pick a fairy tale and do some character sketches and a sample final art spread. I will finish the final art spread for the conference, where it will be critiqued by a professional children’s book publishing editor! Pretty neat, huh? I’M SCARED. I’ll have to get my critique attitude ready to go. Critique attitude means feeling voracious about improving my art, curious, and ready to learn. Versus my personal Carmen attitude, which gets scared and takes critique as a personal indictment of NOT GOOD ENOUGH PERSON. Critique attitude is a nice skill I have picked up over the years.

K, thanks for reading, BYE BEEKHI