Vivianne’s Wedding

Here’s the first episode of this graphic story I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

Carmen Wood illustrator whimsical picture book art minneapolis

Despite popular opinion, it really is not me and my sister. I’ve borrowed some setting details, and Cami has a similar look to me because that is the easiest face/body type for me to draw, but other than that, very different people and a very different wedding. My sister, for example, when picking out a dress, knew exactly what looked good on her and what style she wanted. Then she walked into David’s Bridal, found it, tried it on, and bought it. Boom. A model of efficiency. Also not bubbly like Vivs.

It’s been fun telling a quiet story. Unfortunately, most of my male test readers reject it out of form – “Meh, picking out a dress?” – which bugs me, as interesting stories can be told around the most mundane subjects (although I personally find fashion GRIPPING). I guess my next story will be all action and explosions.

I’m hoping to have five episodes total for Vivianne’s Wedding, and to not take too long between them. I’ll keep you posted!