Character Sketches

Here’s some character sketches from my book concept I Don’t Want To Wear My Diaper, which follows a little girl who is ready to NOT wear a diaper anymore. Gosh, who hasn’t been there.

I don't even NEED a diaper anymore.
I don’t even NEED a diaper anymore.
Page 11

*Not actual text:)

I spent some time volunteering in my mom’s 0-9 months ECFE parent and child class and so got to hang out with some great kids of diaper age. They all have that dumpy diaper butt going, and the ones who were walking usually had those darling chunker legs, omg. This character is a little older than that – ready to be thinking about toilet training – but I borrowed elements of the baby physique, just leaned out a little.

There’ll be more where this came from – I need to redraw the dummy (a picture book template, not an insulting term). I’m planning on a color scheme of orange, blues, and purples. As you can see in the angry drawing above, I’m using some strong oranges to highlight her heightened emotion. Always a learning process and an experimental one – I’ll let you know how it goes!