Woolly Mammoth!

Whew! I finished my “homework” for the upcoming Minnesota Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators 2016 Conference just in time (it’s this weekend!) Ordered prints and now I can relax (not really. Still need to assemble my portfolio and finish two large commissions by the end of October). With moving and getting a puppy this summer, my timeline for a variety of projects did not go the way I expected. Ah well. Everything will still be ready within deadline, because that is the only way I roll.



Here’s a bookmark commissioned by the Friends of the Hopkins Library to give out at the upcoming Hopkins Fire Department Open House on October 15th. I am pretty happy with how this turned out!

Carmen Wood Illustration whimsical picture book art Minneapolis

Greeting Cards are up!

Ooo! So my greeting cards are going live on Etsy today!


I’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating these – designing them, researching printers, getting them printed, finding all the detail items that make them look polished (I’m especially excited about clear glossy sleeves!), so I’m very excited to finally unveil this project. People have been saying for years that I should make greeting cards out of my art, so here they are!!

Also coming soon…baby cards:)


Arts Experiment Beginning!

Watercolor pine tree grill green and reds Carmen Wood illustrator whimsical picture book art Minneapolis

Here’s a watercolor sketch from my week up at the cottage in Wisconsin over the 4th of July!

Arts Experiment: I’m actually full time illustrating/artisting as of last Monday, which is a calculated risk that I’m excited and terrified about. It’s been wonderful to just plow through work – previously, I only had one official full day a week to try and get everything done. I’m crossing so much off my list! I’ve focused on product development this week – stand by for incoming greeting cards! I’m also getting prints matted to pitch to local baby stores – I have a whole bunch of baby themed art that needs to find its audience.

I’m also working on continuing to learn coding skills, and various self-directed graphic design projects to flesh out my graphic design portfolio – I’m planning on seeking internships in that field in the fall.

I’m ALSO working on polishing picture book submissions – here’s the book ideas I’m working on. In particular, I want to up the game on the final art samples for the so-called Diaper Book.

Messy desk baby art pens Carmen Wood illustrator whimsical picture book art Minneapolis

Character design and greeting card design!

And finally, and excitingly, I’m continuing to work on some exciting commissions for some exciting clients! Next step there is cutting and stretching big ol’ pieces of gorgeous watercolor paper to begin final art. (Side note – I can’t tell you how much I love this Arches watercolor paper – it is like painting on velvet paper. Smooth and buttery. mmmm.)

Handwritten notebook page with hand Carmen Wood illustrator whimsical picture book art Minneapolis

The all-important organization notebook!

Welp, that’s a long blog post. Whatever. It’s good for me to skim some of this off my brain. Wish me luck!

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention some of the challenges…for example, after working in a busy bakery where I was on my feet for six hours a day and talking to hundreds of random people all day, as a work-from-home artist I hit a point in the afternoon where I am bouncing off the walls of my silent studio..HAHAHAHA (manic laughter). My body has jittery energy as a result of sitting all day. I want to talk to people more than previously. So you’ll probably be hearing more from me on social media and the blog!